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Most of us dream about winning the lottery and the different ways it could change our lives. Winning the jackpot for instance could mean incredible freedom to so many people.


If you are a punter, or you are thinking about playing the lottery, here are three ways your life could change if you win big. We list two ways your life could change for the better. However, the third way is not so positive, but keep reading to find out more.


Winning the lottery means financial freedom


For most players, the dream is to win big and gain financial freedom Freedom from mortgages and from so many bills. If you are playing a lottery like the Powerball or Euromillions, you do not have to win the jackpot. There are several prizes you can win that will give you a level of financial freedom.

Many lottery winners choose to keep on working. However, if you win the lottery, you do not have to keep working unless you want to do so. 


You can help so many people

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There are stories of several people who won the lottery and used a large part of their wins to help the community. You can be a real hero and help your community or support a worthy charity.


Some people will try to take advantage


This is one of the disadvantages of winning the lottery. Suddenly, you will start getting requests from different people who would like to take advantage of you.


Thankfully, most lotteries allow their winners to be anonymous. So, you can keep your identity hidden when you win. If you have never played the lottery, this is a good time to start. You can play online for a chance to win big.